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We’re on the telly! We have released our latest Mini Movie commercial so click here to SEE and HEAR how we can make YOUR life easier. We also recently completed some work for TV's ‘Colin and Justin - How not to Decorate’ when we finished a house they were filming in Edinburgh...and in another programme, one client and three hard working staff (as well as Deborah Forrest our MD) were featured on ITV's ‘The Domestic Army’. Congratulations to housekeepers Eleanor and Hanna and to Senior Organiser Fenella who was seen shopping for groceries. Click here to see a (poor quality) excerpt showing what myOrganiser can do to make YOUR life easier!

Fenella was also featured on the Fred McCauley show on Radio Scotland, as she became Fred's butler for the programme! [Note to press/media: Please click here to request further info about myOrganiser]

Treats and Offers

AUTUMN’s special treat with myOrganiser!

Scotland has its own answer to Trinny & Susannah - but better! 


Danit Levi from Dress Your Way comes to the rescue of people who want to dress for success without the hassle. She provides personal styling and shopping to people from all walks of life.

As well as shaking up your wardrobe, she'll take you shopping or do it all for you by bringing back clothes to your home or office for you to try on and choose from. So if you are looking for a fabulous new wardrobe, or even just one special outfit for that wedding that you don’t have time to shop for, email Danit at info@dressyourway.com or call her on 07595 220049 / 01224 620862. For further information, have a look at her website – http://www.dressyourway.com/


A GIFT with a difference! from myOrganiser!  

And for birthdays this year, why not consider a gift with a difference. myOrganiser offers special Gift Vouchers personalised just for you. They include Mother's Little Helper, A Gift of Time and Time for Me! Go to Gift Voucher for further details.   


Happy 2015? Making a fresh start!

We're already heading into the new year! You’re going to start now and be more organised than ever! Here are some tools and tips for staying on top - but if you just KNOW that you need extra help then contact us immediately...but first, to see what you're missing, why don't you watch AND listen to Fenella tell us how we organise her life by clicking here.


Start Planning Now!

  8 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life - Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 last month)

5. Take 3. Take a look at your To Do list and choose three tasks to work on today. Try to choose at least one A Priority and one B Priority, and you can toss in another A, B or C Priority as your third choice. Don't work on anything else on your list until you've completed all three of these.

6. Avoid unnecessary overload. Fill the dishwasher as soon as you're done eating, go through your mail on a daily basis, empty your email inbox each night, fold clothes as soon as the dryer cycle ends - in other words, if you don't delay on most tasks, they will never get out of hand.

7. Take off your shoes. If you want to spend less time vacuuming, don't wear your outside shoes inside your house. Of course, this applies to anyone else in your house, and visitors. Less dirt and dust will be tracked in, which means less cleaning necessary, and you'll save the life of
your carpet.

8. Kick back. Everyone needs time to simply kick back and do something relaxing, even if it's for only 30 minutes each day - and I wholeheartedly recommend an hour whenever possible. Schedule this time on your calendar. You are the only person who can control how your time is spent. 

If you're still having trouble getting things done, each night choose a total of 3 tasks you plan to work on the very next day - and get started on those 3 tasks as early as possible tomorrow. Don't do anything else until those 3 tasks are completed. By the end of each week, you will have completed a minimum of 21 tasks. At the end of each month, you will have completed a minimum of 90 tasks!

P.S. End the clutter once and for all and simplify your
life. Email us to arrange a de-clutter visit



...or contact us here to ask us how myOrganiser can make YOUR 2014 easier!