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Client Incentives and rewards

Staff - Benefits and Incentives

Business Support - events, admin help, marketing etc




Clients – Incentives and Rewards…

myOrganiser services are an ideal reward for good clients or an incentive to attract new ones. Used by companies ranging from legal firms, utilities and financial institutions to professional and trade’s associations, private clubs, restaurants, leisure facilities and credit card companies, offering membership of myOrganiser is a great way to make your clients’ lives easier and increase brand loyalty.


Our corporate rates offer excellent value for money and there are several options available to best suit your purpose. For example, we are able to offer good discounts to members of your association or loyalty scheme. Please send an email requesting further information.

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Staff for happier, healthier and more productive staff … 

As a good manager you will know that helping your staff de-stress in their personal lives will enable them to cope better in the workplace. Statistics prove that benefits such as those myOrganiser provide, lead to less sick days and increased productivity with an overall happier workforce.


There are several schemes available – eg some businesses use myOrganiser Corporate benefits purely as an incentive to attract top quality personnel in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace. myOrganiser provides help where it is most urgently required, such as home-flits, housework and childcare - or making appointments such as medical, dental and optical and organising tradesmen from electricians to washing machine repairs and painters to roofers…the list is endless. myO-Corp will organise all of these tasks for your staff as well as providing a house-sitting service to avoid time off to oversee the chores.


Our corporate rates offer excellent value for money depending on your own company structure. Please click here to send an email requesting further information and to make an appointment.

As well as the staff benefit packages which you may wish to provide only to senior or management staff, we provide in-house services that can be made available to all your personnel. They may be perceived as ‘perks’ but these benefits are designed to make your staff feel a little more special – and to know that you care about them and their welfare.


…In-House Resources – The Happy Hour Package!

For example… Make use of your lunch hour ("what lunch hour?" you ask!) Well, it is supposed to be time for YOU - and myOrganiser makes your time even more effectual with our Happy Hour Package. There are treats galore to help you feel invigorated for the afternoon and de-stressed for the evening. Our Mobile Beauty Spa will visit your office in your lunch hour to give you a mini facial, manicure, shoulder massage etc. Of course, this service can also be arranged for any time of day that is suitable… or how about being measured up for a bespoke hand-made and finished suit, shirt, blouse, blazer, slacks or even a gown? Our Bespoke Tailoring will again call into your office - with a huge choice of fabrics from wool to cashmere to silk, and hundreds of patterns - or we can make an outfit in your favourite design. Gap or Burtons, M&S or Chanel, Top Shop or Armani - just let us know your style.

The Happy Hour Package described above is just one example of our In-House Staff Benefits that can be used with or without employer subsidies as an incentive, bonus or reward. The Mobile Beauty Spa can be a regular weekly occurrence and our Bespoke Tailoring Team usually visits two or three times a year using a canteen or similar room/facility.  

If you are at all interested in introducing any of these benefits into your company, please click here to send an email to make an appointment in the first instance. We shall be happy to come and discuss your company's requirements and how myO-Corp can make the lives of your personnel less stressful - and any good business professional knows what that means!

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Business Support myO-Corp is an extra pair of hands…

There are a number of well-established and extremely professional and experienced companies owned by the directors of myOrganiser Ltd and which have now been absorbed into the myOrganiser group.

myO-Corp is therefore the corporate arm of myOrganiser offering a huge range of Business Support services from marketing and media including design, photography, advertising, exhibitions and worldwide event management, to web design, build and IT support. It is important however, that you know that we are not in competition with you or actively seeking new clients other than within our remit as myOrganiser. Should you wish to use us in any one or more of these capacities then you are using a service of myOrganiser Ltd – which has been established with the sole aim of making YOUR life easier…and confidentiality is key.

myOrganiser Corporate is here to take the strain off you and your staff too. Whether you are a big corporate or a one-man-band, we will organise all of these extra tasks which can suddenly appear when an important member of admin staff goes on leave or an extra assignment comes along such as a conference or other event which adds additional pressure to your work load – and we can be much more economical than an agency! 

Know that your precious project is in safe hands. Whether we are in the background organising or using our own highly professional teams, or up front and using your own suppliers, we will work to your brief to make it a success.

Our corporate rates offer excellent value for money and there are several options available to best suit your purpose. Please click here to send an email requesting further information.

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